20 Posing Prompts for Couples

20 Posing Prompts to Get Couples Comfortable and Moving During Engagement Sessions, Couple’s Sessions and Weddings

A lot of these can be used for both couple/engagement sessions and weddings, but there might just be a bit less koala lifting and a little more wedding dress fluffing and veil flying involved on a wedding day!

Before We Start.


Empty them!

Where to look

Not at the camera, unless you hear “look at the camera”! Focus on her. Focus on him.


Photos look way more dynamic when there is motion. So walk, hug, sway, kiss, laugh, dance. It doesn’t have to be big motions every time, but your photos will come to life if you keep moving.


If you don’t know what to do with your hands; hands on partner. And let’s take it one step further. It’s all about the hands. Hands add intimacy and drama to the photos so keep your hands close to his chest, close to her face. Pull on his collar as you bring him in closer. Brush the hair out of her face as you bring her in closer.

Adore Him; Adore Her

The more you admire each other and think about how much you love each other, the more we’re going to see it in the photos.

Not completely comfortable in front of the camera?

This list is made up of prompts, which means less posing and more interacting. It’s about coming up with things you and your partner can do, instead of pose, while in front of the camera. And maybe you can even forget that your photographer is there!

Let’s Get Started.

These posing prompts for couples are divided in 4 categories: walks, standing, lifts and seated. A big portion is in the standing category, but the prompts that get you to move your hands and get close to each other often work well in seated positions too. And as a side note, you will see “him” or “her” to keep it simple, but they are interchangeable.

20 Posing Prompts for Couples


1) Walk and Bump aka the Drunken Walk

This one is a classic and the first thing I usually do with couples. It’s pretty much the easiest thing to do and requires zero posing skills. It takes the pressure off and couples quickly realize that there is not much to it! Walk holding hands stretching out your arms and coming back closer to bump into each, literally like you’re drunk walking.

2) Walk and Pull or Look Back

One of the partners can lead the other one as they walk with arms extended and then gradually pull to bring them closer. Look forward or look back at the other person. I love doing this on the edge of a hill. I position myself lower than the couple so I can catch just a bit of horizon and a whole lot of sky behind them.

3) Twirl and Dance

This is so great when you are in a big open space. Try to slow down the motion a bit if you can.

4) Higher Step

Use a ledge that has roughly the height of a step or a tree branch laying on its side to get one of the partners to stand on it, then walk hand in hand or lean into the other person’s arms.


5) Airplane

With the couple facing in the same direction, interlace fingers and go from open arms to all snuggled in. You can have the person in the front take a step forward and let the person in the back pull them all the way in to add a bit more motion and get the hair moving.

6) Noses, Foreheads

Or the almost kiss.

7) Forehead Kisses…

Forehead, cheek, hand, shoulder. It’s all about those kisses that show how much you care about each other.

8) Brush the Hair Out of Her Face

As I already mentioned, getting your hands close to her face is a great way to add drama and intimacy to your engagement or wedding photos. It looks so beautiful and romantic as you pull her in for a kiss.

9) Hold Him Tight, Head and Hand on Chest

On top of being so romantic, this is a great way to show off your ring if you are engaged or married. Try to position the partners so the ring hand is closest to the camera so you can see that engagement ring sparkle!

10) Grab and Adore

LOVE saying this. I usually save it for later in the couple’s session when you are more warmed up and comfortable in front of the camera. And I usually don’t have much to do with the final result of the photo. This is about how you love embracing each other. So simple but one of my favourites because it’s simply you.

11) Hold Hands in the Centre

Again, get that ring front and centre! And maybe kiss her hand.

12) Hug from Behind

This one and the next are the most static prompts on this list, but you do not have to be completely still. You can hug, caress and gently move your heads to get closer. It is super romantic and really great to show off the train on your wedding dress. You can also do the back to back version.

13) Look Both Ways

This is the second static prompt on this list but gorgeous in a wedding gown and I still wanted to include it. Look away. Look forward. Look at each other. Click. Click. Click.

14) Cheer and Toast

Bubbles! –make sure alcohol consumption is allowed where you are going– You can also cheer on your favourite sports team. Love seeing the occasional Flames jersey during an engagement session—Calgary girl over here… although any team is acceptable of course!


15) Piggyback

Throw in a kiss or a really fun angle from down below!

16) Full Koala

The one where you jump and wrap your legs around him.

17) Mr. and Mrs.

The classic through the threshold lift.

18) Heal Kick

And maybe throw in a little spin (not too fast)!


19) Sitting in Between Legs

Depending on the height of the partners and how easily they can shift their hips, different variations of seated positions will work for each individual couple. Start by sitting down and then readjust as needed. It helps to have the person sitting in between the legs shift their body 45-90 degrees in towards the other person instead of facing in the exact same direction. The rotation will allow the couple to be able to face each other. Slightly uneven terrain also helps, allowing the person in the back to sit a bit higher than the person in the front. The same goes for a staircase. The person in the back can sit one step higher than the person in the front.

20) Sitting Side by Side

Sitting hip to hip at the same level. One person can tilt their head to the side to rest it on their partner’s shoulder or put your legs on him.

Before We Wrap Up.


These aren’t prompts, but get these details at some point during a couple or engagement session if you get a chance: eyes, ring alone, and ring on finger.

When You Hear “Look at the Camera!”

You definitely want to look at the camera sometimes, but to keep it looking natural, wait for a “look at the camera” while you are in the middle of something else!

Be You

I love when a couple suggests a prompt, a pose or comes up with something on the fly. If you feel the emotions rolling in, just go with it! Sometimes people will stop half way through something really cute. That’s when I start shouting “nooooo, don’t stop! Just roll with it. This is so good!” And that usually happens towards the end of a session, once you know you got this and you totally let go!


Once you have a good variety of prompts, they can be captured in various angles, and focal lengths. You can go from super close up, to mid waist, full body and full landscape shots with the couple in it. They can be taken from down on the ground or up on a ledge. They can be shot wide at 24mm until you get the whole mountain in the frame, or zoomed in at 200mm to really bring in the background. And why not take a shot out of focus or add motion blur in a few photos by slowing down your shutter speed to 1/15-1/40 second and giving your camera a shake. Play with it and switch it up—but that’s all for another post!

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So much was covered in this post. Feel free to share some feedback, questions or ideas of topics you would like me to share on in the comment section!

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