Zaida and Liam’s Banff Wedding

Banff wedding photographer, a couple on their wedding day at the Rimrock, St Mary's Parish in Banff National Park

"We thought of how blessed we were for having one of the most beautiful wedding destination spots in the world right in our backyard. We loved every minute of it, the pictures, the church, the venue, and we are so grateful we were able to pick Banff as our wedding location."

Dogs & Photo Sessions

Bringing your dog to your photo session or photoshoot for family, newborn and more

I love when people bring their dogs to their photo sessions. I photographed a record number of dogs last year and a few things stood out here and there, which prompted me to put together this list of simple ways to make your photo session that includes a furry family member really successful...

Emily and Chadd Engaged

Emily and Chadd wanted fall engagement photos, and the timing could not have been better. As a photographer, you dream of unique light and epic sunsets, but you don't always get them. This was by far the most colourful sky that I have ever experienced during a photo session.

Alex and Bradley Engaged

Calgary wedding and engagement photographer, couple in the mountains for adventure engement photos in Kananaskis Country

"We love the mountains! If we could spend every weekend out there, we definitely would. I think the thing we love the most is how small you feel when you're standing at the base of a mountain, looking up at the rock you're going to go stand on top of. The feeling of peaking a mountain is one of the best feelings in the world"...


Calgary lifestyle newborn and family photographer, in-home newborn photo

Jenn mentioned that she really enjoyed the experience and used the word "relaxing" while describing it. Relaxing isn't a word I would have thought of using while describing a newborn session, but I also have kids, and I truly believe in the value of having someone come to you and take photos in the comfort of your home...

Anand and Daniel Married

"After having to change plans due to the pandemic and all the uncertainty, when we walked down the path and finally saw the perfect place for our ceremony, we felt peace and excitement. It had all the things that we were looking for: calm water, forest, a mountain view, and cell service so we could stream the wedding to Anand's family in Brazil"...

Britt and Dustin Married

Calgary wedding photographer, portrait of the bride and groom at Fish Creek Park

The thing that stood out the most on Britt and Dustin's gorgeous wedding day - other than the love, passion, connection and friendship that they share - was how much can be accomplished when friends and family come together. They are so loved and have the best support system in the world...

Mountain Family Session

Calgary family photographer, mountain photos, family by the water in the Kananaskis

We left Calgary in the smoke, drove through the rain and got to Kananaskis Country to find the most beautiful fog that turned everything - sky, mountains, water and trees - a stunning tone of teal. This truly was a perfect morning...


Calgary lifestyle newborn photographer - newborn baby with her mother

Life with young children gets really busy and it makes me so happy to allow families to stay comfortably at home while having their newborn photos taken. It gives them the space to move around, and the flexibility to keep older siblings busy once they have done a really great job and "are now off the hook"! ...


Calgary newborn photographer - family newborn photography

Calgary Newborn Photographer In-home Lifestyle Newborn Session When I showed up for this newborn session, I was greeted by a really curious toddler and puppy who were really interested in the gear that I was bringing in! I love when toddlers want to see everything that's in my bag because I feel like the big …

The Best Locations In and Around Calgary for Portrait Photography

A big part of the consultation process is figuring out where the best spot is for your lifestyle family session, your bridal portraits or your branding session. So I have put together a list of my top places for portrait photography in and around Calgary. Make it a Mountain Experience Click here for a List …