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How long after the session or wedding do we get our photos?

Family, maternity, newborn, branding and engagement sessions take 10-21 days to edit, and weddings take 6-12 weeks, depending on the time of the year (longer during the busy summer-fall seasons).

How do you deliver the photos?

You will get a link to a private online gallery where you can download your photos in high resolution. The galleries expire after 365 days so make sure to download all of your photos. Full day weddings will get a portion of their photos in their online gallery, but all of them (including the ones in the online gallery) will be delivered on a USB key in a personalized keepsake box.

Do you have a studio?

I do not have a studio. As a lifestyle photographer, I offer on location sessions. For newborn sessions, I bring the necessary props to your home. Other lifestyle sessions take place in your home or at various outdoor locations around Calgary, Kananaskis Country and Banff National Park. We can also find an indoor venue in Calgary like the Central Library or select restaurants and cafes, based on availability.

Do you travel to other cities for weddings?

I am based in Calgary, and also offer wedding photography without travel fees in Cremona, Kananaskis Country, Banff and Canmore (additional licensing fees apply within the town boundaries of Banff or Canmore).

What if we are sick?

I am really flexible when it comes to rescheduling due to unforeseen circumstances such as illness. No additional fees would apply in those cases. We will reschedule based on availability. It is more difficult during the busy season so it might take a few weeks before we can reschedule, but easier during the slower season (November-April).

What if we get bad weather on the day our session is scheduled?

I keep several dates open during the winter months because the weather is really unpredictable. We will pencil something in, but if it is too cold, we will push back as needed, or we can find an indoor alternative if you prefer. As for the summer months, I always wait until the very last minute to decide whether we will go or not. I actually love stormy days and have captured some really incredible skies by braving the forecast and staying the course! I also keep an eye on the weather radar and try to find the best window of weather, especially in the mountains as one area can be very different from the next.

We don’t feel very comfortable in front of the camera. How do you get our photos to look like the ones we see in your portfolio?!

You would be surprised how often I hear that! The big thing is keeping you moving and having fun. I don’t use a lot of posing. I use prompts. Which means that I’ll suggest things to do with your partner or your children and get you to interact together and forget that I’m even there. That’s how you get the most natural and beautiful photos. And yes, you can look like the people you see in the other photos I have posted, even if you don’t think you can!

What should we wear?

The key is tho wear something that feels comfortable and natural for you. Pick a colour palette with 2-3 colours and dress everyone accordingly, without matching. You can also include some patterns. I put together a “What to Wear post with some pointers, and you can always send me photos of what you have in mind if you would like my opinion.

What if a child doesn’t cooperate?

Every now and then, a child gets really upset during a session. I’ll try to take a step back and let you console them, give them a snack, and reset. Then hopefully we can go back to playing! During full length sessions, we have always been able to reset and successfully complete the session and end up with several really lovely images. It becomes more difficult during a day of mini sessions because other families are most likely coming after you, and I need to maintain the schedule for the day. If you are unsure about how your child would react during your session, consider booking a stand alone full length session or taking the last time slot of a day of minis so we can stretch it out a bit if you need time to console your child. Although I do my best to take beautiful, happy family photos for you, I am not responsible for an unwilling participant.

Once we receive the digital images, would you have any recommendations of how we could go about framing them in a larger format?

The gallery I deliver the photos in has a built-in store where you can order professional prints in various sizes and materials and the vendor I use is Canadian. You will also be able to download your photos in high resolution and print them anywhere you would like. If you go that route, I recommend London Drugs, but make sure that you write in the comment box that the photos have been colour and exposure corrected and not to adjust them. They have a standard autocorrect feature which is not needed with professionally edited images.