Bump in the Mountains and Baby at Home

No words or images will ever truly express how you feel when growing a tiny human in your belly and finally meeting him or her. It is the most magical, emotional, fulfilling journey in the world. But having photos of those fleeting moments just might be the best way to remember that feeling. A lot of people decide to get newborn photos done, but skip the maternity session. Here is why I highly recommend doing maternity photos as well.

Because your photos are a forever reminder of how amazing a woman’s body is and how absolutely incredible all of the changes it goes through to create life are.

Celebrate you, the stunning, strong, and resilient mother.

Celebrate you, the future parents. Allow me to rephrase – celebrate you, the parents. Because from the day that you embark on the journey that will lead you to having a family, from the day that you learn that this new life is growing, and every other day after that, you already are a parent.

And then a couple of months later, celebrate the arrival of your baby and gush over how cute the fingers and toes are!

Because parenthood deserves to be captured at every step🧡💛

Here is a collection of maternity and newborn photos that I have helped this beautiful family put together.

Maternity Session in Kananaskis Country

In-Home Lifestyle Newborn Session

Valerie Richer | Calgary Lifestyle Family Photographer

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