Britt and Dustin Married

Calgary Wedding Photographer

Calgary wedding photographer, photos at the church ceremony

Shepherd King Lutheran Church, Fish Creek Park & Haysboro Community Centre – Calgary, Alberta

Wedding Vendors

Dress – Blissful Bridal 
Bridesmaids’ dresses – Durand Bridal  
Flowers – Lil Mam Flowers 
Rings – Troy Shoppe Jewellers (Calgary) and Kavia Jewellers (Canmore) 
Suit – RW&CO 
Ties – OTAA
Venue – Haysboro Community Hall 
Church – Shepherd King Lutheran Church 
Pastor – Reverend Kevin Scott 
Cake – Crave

And All of the Amazing Friends Who Contributed

Hair – Susan Pilling
Make up – Jenny Rosa
Catering  – LaRue Kiemele
DJ – Age Stetski
Organist/Pianist – Catherine Glaser-Climie

A Note from the Photographer

The thing that stood out the most for me on Britt and Dustin’s gorgeous wedding day – other than the love, passion, connection and friendship that they share – was how much can be accomplished when friends and family come together. They are so loved and have the best support system in the world. People say it takes a village, well in their case it’s a neighbourhood and all of their family lives in that neighbourhood! They are close in every way possible to their loved ones. I feel so lucky that I got to capture those amazing memories for them and their families, but mostly so happy that the changes in circumstances allowed them to have all of those people present on their wedding day. Keep reading to find out how it all became possible.

You considered other venues while planning your wedding, but ended up getting married very close to home. How meaningful are the church and reception spaces to you? 

“Britt grew up in Haysboro so had many fond memories of being around and spending time in the community hall, whether that be for dance classes as a little girl or big celebrations such as milestone birthdays (and being on the same property as her elementary school)! This was also a great way to incorporate Britt’s late mom into the big day. Entering our next adventure, the hall is 200 feet away from where we now live in our Haysboro bungalow, where we hope to raise a family. And we will always treasure the place (always in view) that began our married life! Shepherd King Lutheran Church has been a place that our family gathers to worship on Sundays and it will also become the church where two of Britt’s sisters will have gotten married too.”

Right up until the last minute, you didn’t know if you would be able to celebrate surrounded by your friends and family. How did you go about planning a larger event in only a couple of weeks after finding out that the restrictions were getting lifted two days before your wedding day? And how excited were you that it was finally possible?

“We were a bit numb AND thrilled when the news finally came out that Alberta would be open for summer on July 1st! We quickly looked at our to-do list and started to heavily rely on the help of our family and close friends to bring our vision to life and we are so thankful for their adaptability skills!  We tried to plan as much as we could leading up to the day, however we changed the venue within the last two weeks and suddenly we were planning for three to four times the amount of people for food and drink, wedding favours, tables and chairs, you name it – the scope of the project grew exponentially overnight! I often told people that it felt like we were planning a wedding in two weeks despite being engaged for close to a year. A great way to sum up the day for Britt was, “that was the dream wedding day without knowing that was the dream“, which is pretty cool to think about!”

What was the best part of your day?

“Dustin and I had different moments but they symbolized the same thing – making an entrance as newly married husband and wife, being showered with love and celebration! For Dustin, it was coming out of the church, walking down the steps into his beloved ’71 Dodge Demon. For me, it was entering the reception, where I saw the decorated hall for the first time, dancing to one of my favourite songs, and looking towards Dustin, walking towards our sweetheart table which signified the beginning of us as a team.” 

Valerie Richer Photography | Calgary Wedding Photographer

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