Karina and Christian

Calgary Wedding Photographer

Calgary wedding photographer, engagement session on the beach, couple at sunset at Little Bow Provincial Park

Couple Session at the Beach

Little Bow Provincial Park, Alberta

When you are a Calgary based wedding photographer, it is not too often that you get to photograph couples on a beach. We do have a few great places by the water in Kananaskis Country or along the Bow River in town, but there was something really unique and amazing about this sandy beach. And the hills overlooking everything. And the orange ball of fire in the sky. And the lemon shirt. And the flowy dresses. I’m gonna stop now, but safe to say that I loved everything about this couple’s session.

For every photo session, I use prompts to get you to have fun and just be together. But I promise you, every couple is completely unique. Everyone has a different way to look at their partner, touch them, hold them. I love the way he fixed her hair and grabbed her face. All him. I didn’t have much to do with that other than maybe mentioning that her hair needed a little fixing. And when I suggest things like that, the most incredible moments happen. I do think that couples end up forgetting that I’m even there!

I also love when people’s personalities really come out. Because those photoshoots are romantic, but you can’t always take the whole thing too seriously. A little love tap on the butt or silly face here and there help take some of the pressure off, keep the session lighthearted and usually make it to the final gallery. Because it’s what makes you, you!

Valerie Richer Photography | Calgary Wedding and Engagement Photographer

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