Mountain Family Session

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Calgary family photographer, mountain photos, family by the water in the Kananaskis

Family Photo Session in Kananaskis Country

I have been to so many amazing locations all over Kananaskis Country, but no matter how many new places I discover, this one just keeps staying a the top of the list. I love it because it is always stunning – ALWAYS – but we never know what we’re gonna get – LITERALLY NEVER! I know when to show up to have the place all to ourselves, and for the lighting to be ideal, but I’ve encountered everything from windy days where the wind catches hair, dresses and blankets, creating gorgeous motion in the photos, to really still mornings where you get a prefect mirror reflection in the water. I have seen angel like beams of light coming through the clouds and perfect golden sunsets. And then there was this.

We left Calgary in the smoke, drove through the rain and got to Kananaskis Country to find the most beautiful fog that turned everything – sky, mountains, water and trees – a stunning tone of teal. This truly was a perfect morning and this family was so great to work with. It doesn’t get any cuter than a baby with her dog! She liked putting her fingers in her mouth, but her parents knew how to get her sweet giggles out. I love photographing babies when they are around nine months old because they have a personality, can sit up on their own – which is ideal to get portraits of your baby alone – and they can usually walk a little or stand when holding on to a finger or two, which is so adorable. So all I can say now is that this was a perfect family photo session in the mountains!

Valerie Richer Photography | Calgary Lifestyle Family Photographer

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