Britt and Dustin Engaged

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Calgary wedding photographer - Troll Falls, Kananaskis engagement session

Troll Falls, Kananaskis Engagement Session

I can tell you all about the engagement session, about how much fun it was, how it felt like a day off hiking in the mountains with some friends, how I couldn’t stop gushing over how in love these two are. But first, I am going to let Britt and Dustin tell you in their own words how amazing their story is.

How did he propose?

Britt: “He proposed by arranging a (surprise) private tour at the Bellevue Underground Mine where we got suited up with our helmets and lights. All other participants in the tour were “staged” as photographers, videographers, etc. who were in on it the whole time. The tour guide took us through a standard tour and then at the end, she asked us to turn our lights off and eventually said “You could be down here for 5 minutes or 5 hours and your eyes would never adjust. Now when you’re ready, turn your lights back on.” And he was down on one knee! The tour guide gave him a post-it note at the beginning to tell him what he would hear when it was time. We still have the original copy of it! When he was down on one knee, I responded in such shock and overwhelming excitement, I couldn’t believe it was happening. I quickly said yes and we walked out of the mine. A local news reporter was there to document our story and put us in an anniversary edition, and we have a copy of it.

Here’s a link to the Crowsnest Pass Herald, just have a look at the photo in the background. They are so ridiculously adorable!

What makes the garnet on the ring so special?

Dustin: “My dad, who has lived in Kimberley his whole life, did underground work for 45 years at Sullivan Mine. He found a pocket of garnets in rock in the mid 90’s. He secured and broke out of rocks a handful of these beautiful red Almandine garnets. They would later be used for my graduation family heirloom ring and a little round garnet is now hidden under the halo on Britt’s ring. It represents my tastes, my hometown, my family, as my father and his father worked in the Sullivan Mine for 85 years combined, and just our way of life for the Crowes in the Kootenays. Anybody can have a garnet, but only a few people have a garnet from this locality.

And Britt told me what he said when he gave it to her: “Now you will always have a piece of my heart with you.

Now I want to share some of my favourite moments from the engagement session

There is an amazing picture that was taken just after Dustin proposed, Britt looking right passed his shoulder, admiring the ring. Although this was not take one, we had a lot of fun recreating the shot! And speaking of the ring, I really wanted to get the right angle to showcase the garnet. Dustin found a spot in the snow where the ring stayed perfectly into place with the frozen waterfall in the background.

When we got up to the falls, I wanted Britt to sit on the fence and Dustin graciously offered to help! Which made for the funniest, most adorable sequence of photos. I love when couple are spontaneous and just go with the flow!

I was so excited when they agreed to meet me a bit later in the day, planning on staying out until dusk. I love night time photography. Especially when snow is falling and the light is catching it, making it look like magical stardust in the sky. And what better way to end an engagement session than sitting by the fire at the Kananaskis Mountain Lodge. And their wonderful staff even offered to brew a fresh pot of coffee for our newly engaged couple. Which did not stay hot for too long since after about five minutes of snuggling while enjoying their freshly brewed coffee, their photographer who wanted a little more hands on interaction might have asked them to set them down… in the cold snow! Oops.

Congratulations Britt and Dustin, I can’t wait for your beautiful Black Barn Wedding next summer!

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