Tash and Joe’s Family

Calgary Family Photographer

Family Photography Session in the Kananaskis

Tash and Joe like updating their family portraits every other year. It should have been last year, but they skipped it. As for this year, they knew that they would need to use a different approach with the COVID-19 situation. They wanted to maintain a bit of distance between some of the households. So with a little creativity, the help of a zoom lens and the use of specific angles to make it look like they were in fact closer together, we created some really beautiful family portraits. I absolutely love the way the group shot turned out. It was so much fun to put together, and I like that it made me move away from a more traditional “let’s get everyone together” shot! And as we were getting started, the sky opened up and let out beams of light through the clouds. I mean, pretty much a dream come true for a photographer.

When You Trust your Photographer, Magic Happens

A big part of extended family sessions is photographing every household individually. By taking you away from the rest of the group, we take the pressure of posing in front of your parents or siblings away. I find that everyone gets to relax and be in the moment. And the chemistry that all of these couples had was unreal. So between the gorgeous tone of the light, the angelic sky and how much everyone trusted me, I was able to create some of the most intimate portraits that I have ever taken. Working with every single one of them was truly incredible.

Each Family Has a Unique Story to Tell

There is one specific shot that I want to point out, let’s see if you can spot it. They have been putting baby bro through this since he was six years old. So this shot was a must… but I am not sure if he really enjoyed it this time around. And maybe the extra weight, since he is clearly all grown up now, will convince them that this should be the last year… but maybe not! I love when families have a “thing”. It is part of who they are. And those are the stories that I want to tell through photographs. Thank you so much Tash and Joe for allowing me to capture these memories for your family.

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