Leo’s Family

Calgary Family Photographer

Family Photography Session at Bowness Park, Calgary

This has been such a tough year for everyone. But as much as we were asked to maintain distance between ourselves and others, I feel like people have never felt closer to each other. All throughout the lockdown, lots of children did not get to see their grandparents as we followed the guidelines. And since things have reopened and we were able to choose a cohort, I get a sense of gratitude and appreciation for family throughout the community. And this fall is the perfect time to celebrate that closeness.

Janet and Yunus planned a beautiful evening at Bowness Park for their son’s grandparents and uncles to come together and create memories with their first grandchild, their first nephew.

All of the Magic of the Larches at Golden Hour

We really took our time, changed the backdrop to have a nice variety in the photos and we also made sure that Leo would get the rest and feeding breaks that he needed for the photo session to be successful. A three month old baby is on his own schedule! And I loved his schedule because we were out late enough in the evening to catch the stunning golden sunset light coming through the yellow needles of the larches. It was absolute perfection.

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