Calgary Newborn Photographer

In-home Lifestyle Newborn Session

When I showed up for this newborn session, I was greeted by a really curious toddler and puppy who were really interested in the gear that I was bringing in! I love when toddlers want to see everything that’s in my bag because I feel like the big black camera that I hold in front of my face when I am taking photos might be a little intimidating. Especially since my big smile is also covered up under a mask these days. It doesn’t leave much for them to see that I am a warm and friendly grown up! So I like when they are curious about what I am doing because that is the best ice breaker. And those two are quite the little wrestling duo! Who are also so sweet and gentle with their new baby sister. Olivia sure got a lot of cuddles and kisses (of the human and of the puppy kind) while I was there.

Keeping Newborn Sessions Contactless

We had a guest investigating the strange swaddle while Olivia’s mommy was swaddling her for her sweet sleepy portraits! I love watching parents swaddle and rock their babies for these photos. I feel like it has become a part of the experience while allowing me to keep in-home sessions contactless. And even though I am a little busy guiding them through the steps, I always make sure to take a few photos of the process because it truly warms my heart.

Such a Beautiful Home

This family has such an incredible sense of style and I loved their home decor. Their house is so unique and the first thing I noticed when I walked in was the wood ceiling in the main living space. I was hoping it could make an appearance in the photos, but you don’t typically focus on the ceiling! So when dad threw his daughter up in the air to get some giggles out of her, I started doing a happy dance inside because I knew I got it!

Welcome to the World Olivia

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