Personal Branding Session: The Process

What Is a Personal Branding Session with Valerie Richer Photography?

A branding session with me is about having fun—because it really shows in the photos—and creating professional, approachable personal branding images that are true to you, and true to the core values of your business.

Although there is always a touch of more traditional poses and headshots, we will use creative techniques and unique locations to tell a story. By using a lifestyle approach to branding photography, you allow your target audience to get to know and trust you as a person, and as a business they want to support.

Your clients and customers getting to know you will set you apart from other competitors in your industry.

Who do I work with?

I predominantly work with small business owners, coaches, artists, copywriters and content creators. A huge part of the process is building connections, having an open conversation about your goals and really getting to know the person behind the business.

I give precise direction without overly posing you, so your photos feel natural and your potential clients meet the real you!

The Consultation

Aka question galore! When we first start talking, I will ask you A LOT of questions!

This is how I will get to know you and your brand, so together we can create images that truly reflect your personality, your values and your message.


Fill out that contact form and get the conversation started! Make sure to include the basics:

1- What is the name of your business?
2- What services or products do you offer?
3- When would you like to have the photos done?
4- Do you already have a vision for your photos? If you don’t, that’s absolutely fine; that’s why I’m here! But if you already have an idea of the tone you are looking for, let me know and we can expand on that together.

In-Depth Conversation About your Brand

Once we get that email thread started, we will start discussing your brand image in-depth. It can be done:
By email
Via phone call or video chat
In person, before we get started on the day of your session

Here are the types of questions you can expect. I’m basically looking for anything that can spark inspiration!

1- Is this a new or established business?
2- Where do you operate?
3- Do you have a tag line or a slogan?
4- Do you have a list of features and benefits you want highlighted?

Calgary branding and headshot photographer, copywriter posing for her headshots and branding photos at Bowness Park in the summer

The Purpose of your Branding Photos

In a nutshell, where and how are these photos going to be used?

1- Are you launching a brand new website?
2- Are you looking at increasing your social media presence?
3- Are you or is a graphic designer putting together a logo, brand colours, a moodboard or a website?
4- Are you or is a copywriter creating content for your website?
5- Are you planning on using any of your photos for graphics (superimposing a photo on text) or to make GIFs?

Location, Tone and Image

Let’s talk about your vision.

1- Do you already have a location in mind?
If you don’t, we will decide on the type of location we are looking for (park, mountains, café, studio, in-home, etc.) and I will send you links for inspiration. If we choose a place that requires a location fee or permission for photography, I will proceed with the required steps to secure the location.
2- Do you have brand colours you want included in your clothes or in the background?
3- What “feel” do you want the photos to have? Some examples are: bright and vibrant, wild and free, city vibes, colours inspired by nature, lots of white and flowy materials, trees and plants, etc.

The Shoot

The different categories below are available options. Your branding session is totally customizable and you may opt for a few or all of those to be in included!

I recommend bringing multiple outfits so the pictures don’t look like they were all taken on the same day.

Unique, Modern Headshots

A twist on a traditional headshots by including interesting backgrounds and lighting.

Calgary branding and headshot photographer, copywriter posing for her headshots and branding photos at Bowness Park in the summer

Creative Portraits

Have fun and show your personality through posing, motion and facial expressions!

Brand Images and Products

Your computer, your notebooks, your products, your labels.

Lifestyle Images

Images of you working so potential clients learn about your daily tasks and what you offer.

Graphics has a feature to select the subject and remove the background and it makes for really interesting social media posts! You can point or show a number of fingers like “5 things to know”, “2 easy steps”, etc. Note that this works best when done against a neutral background since it allows the software to recognize and select the subject (you) more accurately.


Tell me if you plan on making a GIF with a specific sequence of photos and I will deliver 4-5 final images that are similar and go well together so you can turn them into a GIF.

The Result

The shoot is definitely the best part, but a meticulous consultation will streamline the process and allow us to show up prepared, and to create images that allow your potential clients and customers to meet the real you.

By using precise direction without overly posing you, and including creative headshots and lifestyle images, your photos will be natural, beautiful, and powerful, setting you apart from the competitors in your industry.

“This woman is the definition of talent. I’ve hired her twice now for brand photoshoots and she seriously knocks it out of the park. She’s so fun, making the whole experience carefree and light (instead of awkward and posey). Highly recommend booking Valerie for your next shoot!”


Ready to Book?

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