Chantelle and Karl-Erik’s Lake House Wedding

Calgary Wedding Photographer

The Lake House on Lake Bonavista, Calgary

Wedding Vendors

Dress – Lovenote Bride 
Bridesmaids’ Dresses – Azazie
Flowers – Li’l Mam Flowers 
Rings – Blue Nile, Dana Dow Jewellers, Michelson Jewellers 
Suit – Indochino 
Venue – The Lake House on Lake Bonavista

And the Family Members Who Helped Make this Day Possible

Officiant – Family Friend Keith 
Cake (Kransekage) – Mother of the Groom, Kristina Berg
Hair – Bridesmaid, Cassidy
Makeup – Bridesmaids, Paige and Jordan
Help with planning – Bride and Groom’s Moms, Michelle and Kristina
Bag Piper – Jim
Pianist – Ingrid 
Singer – Groom’s Cousin Micaylee
MCs – Groom’s Uncles, Michael and Brad
Readers – Bride’s Uncle Jerry and aunt Lynda  

A Note from the Photographer

I sort of forgot that we were in Calgary for most of this wedding. Being on the beach when it’s 30 degrees outside made it feel like we were somewhere way more exotic. Spending time in Lake Bonavista hands down makes you want to sell your house and move there!

The Lake House is an incredible venue. The lighting is impeccable. The decor is perfect and the black industrial ceiling and antler chandeliers make you wanna get guests to lift up the bride and groom as high as possible just so that you can find a not so weird way to showcase them. Actually, it had nothing to do with that when it happened, but when I started going through the photos from this wedding, I had one of those “this is even better than what I thought I had captured” kind of moment. You’re gonna have to scroll all the way to the bottom to see what I’m talking about, and trust me, it’s worth it!

I had to start going through the wedding reception photos as soon as I got home. That room was packed full of a huge bridal party and guests who really knew how to party. And speaking of large bridal party, they totally rocked the group shots and were more than willing participants when I got them to crouch, lift, move over six inches, group up, cheer and then some!

I will wrap up this note by saying that they make a very handsome couple. There are small details that make portraits even more gorgeous. Before I start taking photos, I mention to my couples things like: “stay close to each other, bridge the gaps, put your hands close to his face, brush the hair out of her face, use a smiling resting face or smile.”

Those are small details that make photos look more intimate, more romantic, and truly reflect the feelings shared in the moment. This couple, their hands, their bodies, everything about the way they embraced each other — they did all of it so naturally.

Beautiful. Loving. Fairy-tale like.

Why was the Lake House on Lake Bonavista your top choice of wedding venue?

“We were both raised in Lake Bonavista. We met at the Lake. We got engaged at the Lake. We just bought what will be our first home in Lake Bonavista, so why not add another special day to our list!”

What was the best thing about having a huge bridal party?

“It was a blast having our closest friends and family by our side. When we were deciding, we knew eight on either side was a bit crazy, but thought why the heck not! We love them all and wouldn’t have it any other way.” 

What was the best part of your day?…if it’s even possible to pick one!

Bride: “It’s so hard to choose! The first look and having our loved ones all in one room!”

Groom: “First dance!”

Valerie Richer | Calgary Wedding Photographer

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