Emily and Chadd Engaged

Calgary Wedding Photographer

Fall Engagement Session | Calgary, Alberta

The first time that I spoke with Emily and Chadd was on Zoom and our connection was so bad that we could barely get a full sentence in without it cutting out! I wasn’t sure if the chat had been a total disaster, but in the end we realized that we are all pretty easy going people who are ready to go with the flow and laugh at awkward situations. In the end, the conversation just felt so real and we totally hit it off. I still don’t know to this day what actually happened because I had never had and haven’t had issues with Zoom since! Although I do have to say that I am pretty happy that we are back to in person meetings because nothing compares to a face to face coffee date.

So we finally met in person this fall and the timing could not have been better. As a photographer, you dream of unique light and epic sunsets, but you don’t always get them. This was by far the most colourful sky that I have ever experienced during a photo session. It was absolutely incredible. And since words actually can’t describe what we saw that night, just keep scrolling to see it!

I asked you for a twirl, but you went all out and gave me some really great dance moves instead! The day you met also included some dancing. Can you share an amazing moment from the very first day that you met?

“The first day we met was at Emily’s cousin’s wedding (also my best friend) and I was the best man at the wedding. We crossed paths outside the washrooms and Emily said “hi, I’m Emily, Paul’s cousin”. That was our literal first introduction to each other. I then approached Emily on the dance floor where she was dancing with her baby cousin Brooke, to see if she wanted to dance. The rest is history. 

How did Chadd propose?

“I proposed while we were in our first COVID “quarantine”. We had planned to be in Mexico and I was hopefully going to do it there, but that got cancelled. It was a quiet, comfortable at home proposal. I spent numerous days previous stressing and wondering when the perfect time would be. It wasn’t like anything I dreamed up, but it was perfect in it’s own way.”

“We love going out and dancing. We’re always having fun together and I think that’s a big reason as to why we get along so well. We just enjoy being around each other.”

Valerie Richer | Calgary Wedding and Engagement Photographer

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