Anand and Daniel Married

Calgary Wedding Photographer

Mountain Elopement – Kananaskis Country, Alberta

Wedding Vendors

Dress – Durand Bridal
Seamstress – Ronda Borneman
Flowers – Royal Tulip
Cupcakes – Cakeology YYC
Makeup – Madi Leigh Artistry
Officiant/Friend – Leah Elizabeth Ferrie

A Note from the Photographer

The first meeting I had with Anand and Daniel was via FaceTime, because of the restrictions that were in place at the time. They were planning a golf course wedding and we were all really hopeful that by the time that their wedding date would roll around, it would be possible. But we also knew that there was a lot of uncertainty. As their date got closer, it became clear that although a larger event might be possible, getting Anand’s family here from Brazil would be a whole other challenge.

I received an email in the spring saying that they had made the hard decision to cancel their wedding. They were always planning on having a second ceremony in Brazil in 2022 so at that time, they had decided to hold off on a celebration in Canada. Fast forward another few weeks and I got the best update ever; they really wanted to go ahead with their wedding and they were planning a mountain elopement! I couldn’t be happier for them and I was so excited to be a part of a wedding in my favourite place in the world! From there, we discussed so many options of where to go, somewhere accessible since a few friends and family would be joining them, and there was also a key element which was pretty hard to find in the mountains – cell service so they could live stream their wedding all the way to Brazil. And did they ever find the perfect place. Everything about Anand and Daniel’s wedding was absolutely perfect. The simplicity of their wedding highlighted what matters most, the love that they have for one another. Oh and we also changed the original date by a day which actually worked out even better for them.

How meaningful was it for you to be able to get married on August 6th?

“It was the best outcome possible! Now we are able to celebrate our one year anniversary by renewing our vows on the same date next year! It will be another memorable ceremony, now in Sao Paulo – Brazil, bringing together all of our family and friends.”

The two of you spent time visiting different mountain locations to find the best place for your elopement. How did it feel when you found THE place?

“After having to change plans due to the pandemic and all the uncertainty, when we walked down the path and finally saw the spot, we felt peace and excitement. We both immediately began thinking, what is the best view for the ceremony? Photos?  It had all the things that we were looking for: calm water, forest, a mountain view, and cell service so we could stream the wedding to Anand’s family in Brazil.”

What was your favourite part of your wedding day?

“For both of us, it was the moment where we both saw each other for the first time, as Anand walked down the aisle. We both were so overcome with emotion that everything else seemed to fade away. It was an unforgettable feeling!”

Valerie Richer Photography | Calgary Wedding Photographer

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