Benfield Family

I figured out why I always have such a hard time picking out one or two sneak peeks to share right away.

Lifestyle photography is about telling a story.

I always take a few really nice stand alone portraits, but I like sharing the session as a whole because it tells the story of the adventure that we went on. Kids getting dirty in the sand and needing their feet washed is pretty much as cute as it gets. I love capturing those moments.

All of the moments in between the posed portraits.

That is what makes every session so memorable. This session was a nice family outing and they got family portraits along the way. And not just family portraits, how about updating a few photos as husband and wife after seven years of marriage? Looking at them together, you would have no idea that there are two children playing in the sand five feet in front of them!

Basically, we went on an adventure and I want to share it all.

The Benfield’s just moved to a new house and they wanted new photos to go on their new walls. So we woke up bright and early and drove out to the mountains – such a pleasant drive by the way, it always feels like a mini vacation when I head West to the mountains! It was a little chili before the sun came out, so the nice cozy blanket wasn’t just a prop, it also did a good job keeping the kiddos warm. I love the shot of the four or them sitting on the bench taking a snack break and warming up under the blanket. And the sun finally peeked over the mountains at that very moment. After that, it got really nice outside. The kids spent the morning playing, getting dirty in the sand, then washing up in the water only to realize how cold it was and that a little splash on the toes was better than dipping their whole feet in! And just when we thought that it was time to head back to the cars, the kids had a second wind and we had a ton of fun playing on the bridge. I am really starting to love this “one more shot” thing because somehow when you think that it is time to put the camera away is when magic happens just one more time.

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