Jill and Emmett

I have had this location in mind for a while and when I started talking with Jill, I immediately knew that we should go there for her mommy and me session. I actually didn’t expect the lake to be such a perfect mirror. The last time I was there it was quite windy and there was no reflection. The water was turquoise and still gorgeous, but this was a pleasant surprise! So I might have taken a moment to gush over how perfect the morning we chose was before I told them to just have fun and be themselves. Kids grow up so fast and I love being able to snap glimpses of how they are when they are little so their mom and dad can hold on to it forever. Which is why I don’t want to force poses. Toddlers love feeling the sand in between their fingers, finding sticks and throwing rocks in the water, so that is exactly what they should do.

I do have to say that I asked Emmett a few times to give his mommy a kiss and he let me know that it was a terrible idea! Which actually made for some pretty cute silly faces on both their parts… and Jill did get some pretty dang adorable hugs.

Jill and I met though her Instagram page MomsquadYYC which is an unbelievable support group filled with resources that promote women’s well being and mental health. Love yourself and live a healthy life. Which is what that whole morning was about. I took pictures of them, but we also hung out, talked, took our time. I spend most of my days off in the mountains and I love how it forces me to slow down and connect with what is truly important. And the same thing happens during mountain sessions. The perfect mommy and son date!

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