All of the little details.

See if you can find all of the little details as you go through these images. As I sorted through them, there were specific things about these photos that really stood out to me and that allowed me to narrow down my final selection. I constantly look for what makes every family unique, every baby unique. Because they might be brand new, but they already have their quirks and things they like.

Adrian loves being held and cuddled by his parents. He makes the cutest little smirks and pouty lips – happy sleepy pouty lips. While he sleeps, he loves putting his hand on his head “I can’t believe that just happened” style.

I loved how Natasha had to get on her tiptoes to make herself taller beside Aaron. She was so comfortable breastfeeding and with the beautiful mirrors in their bedroom, I was able to capture those precious bonding moments with a bit of an artistic feel.

Those are just a few things that made this session unique in its own way. And maybe you will notice even more of them as you scroll down!

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