When Danielle and I started talking, we were hoping that by the time her daughter was born we would be able to complete a regular photo session, but we were preparing for a remote coaching session. I would help her set up different shots via video chat, she would take her own photos and send me the files to edit. I know that some people had to go that route last spring and I am so glad that in the end we might have had to respect physical distancing restrictions during our session, but I was able to meet her beautiful family and capture all of those very special moments for them. I am so happy that they didn’t have to take turns staying behind the camera and that they were able to be a family of four in front of my lens. I really feel like I was able to capture a glimpse of their normal routine, of two sisters who will be best friends forever. I loved all of the little moments, fist bumps, giggles because baby sis spit up her milk, climbing on the couch, nose picking, reading a book as a family. Real life.

And on top of all of the fun, silly, sweet lifestyle photos we took, they set up baby Ayla beautifully for her newborn portraits. Her daddy got her in a precious little crossed legged pose and I must say that it made for the perfect shot of her ten little fingers and ten little toes!

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