White Owl Branding Session

I got to work with an amazing woman, musician, entrepreneur and I thought that the best way to introduce her to you would be through a short interview. Karina is a beautiful person on the outside, which you can clearly see through these pictures, but she is also an incredible person on the inside, which is why I hope that you take the time to read her meaningful, heartfelt answers.

Where does the name White Owl come from?

Almost 10 years ago, I had a duo I was a part of and we had another band name. It didn’t really stick and then we lost touch for some years. When I restarted my music journey a few years back, it was like a new beginning – a new era for me if you will. So the white represents a clean slate – fresh – new. And well the Owl part – to me they are the most mysterious animals, I can’t seem to figure them out but that’s what I love about them! White Owl has definitely become a part of me – another one of my babies you could say. When I envisioned my journey with music and my band, this name has definitely solidified my passion and excitement. 

Is there a story behind your original song “We are wild”?

There is! There is actually a story behind every song I write – in a way, musicians are storytellers (or at least that is how I see it). For my song “We Are Wild” – it’s a song for all of the women in the world – a siren call if you will! It’s about the journey and how we can take care of what we need and get it done on our own. It’s about having the strength and persevering through the heavy sh*t that life seems to throw our way.

I’ve spent the last decade in one unhealthy and abusive relationship after the other. This song I wrote for me – to remind myself to get back to my roots – and to get back to my core values and strength that I know I have. I also wrote this song for my daughter, in hopes that one day she will truly understand the meaning behind it – that she can go after whatever she wants in this life and as long as she keeps her strength and integrity, she can get it on her own! 

I am hoping that others will hear this song, and either some joy, strength or empowerment will be sparked in their hearts and minds. I hope they pass that onto their children, and continue to grow.

How would you describe your genre and style of music? You play a few different instruments, were those choices influenced by the type of music that you wanted to create or have you been playing all of them for a long time?

My genre is definitely a hard one to crack – however if I had to pick the best one to describe my style it would have to be Folk / Indie. My music isn’t clear cut like Rock or Punk – there are some surf chill vibes to some of my songs for sure, but folk is definitely a good genre to pinpoint my style. I grew up listening to punk thanks to my brother and sister, and I even at one point briefly started a two girl punk band with my friend Sarah (it didn’t last long though as we were missing drums – and I was missing serious shredding skills haha)! So my style on the acoustic just sort of came naturally and fit like a glove, and I went with it. 

When I first picked up the acoustic guitar, I was 15, and my mother had actually taught me how to play my first few chords (pretty cool right? She’s the bombdiggity that’s for sure!). One of the first songs I learnt how to play was “Michael Row the Boat Ashore”. So my music tastes were definitely heavily influenced by campfire melodies and classic folk artists. I fiddled around on the electric a little bit as well, a fender strat that I borrowed for a few weeks from my brother’s friend. However, acoustic is definitely where it was at for me!

My parents bought me my first guitar for my 16th birthday as up until then I played my mom’s – and that’s when I started fiddling around with different styles and finding my own unique way of playing. I picked up the Ukulele two years ago as I’ve always wanted one, and my fascination with Hawaiian Surf Culture added to that dream as well. The harmonica I picked up about ten years ago (if not longer) – I just really wanted to wear the cool headgear so I could be a one-man band ya know? (totally kidding LOL – but I do love the sound of the harmonica alongside my guitar). 

What kind of collaborations are you looking for in the future?

I would love to collaborate with different artists from different genres to create some totally unique tracks. Some of my favourite artists experiment with different instruments or equipment to create these totally insane sounds (Xavier Rudd and Jeremy Loops are my top two favourites). I would love to bring different instruments and vocals into my music as well. I think by collaborating with other artists, something completely new and different can be made. Plus it would be super rad to just jam with some other like-minded individuals!

We worked on the images for your next album, you had a vision in mind but you gave me a lot of creative freedom, how would you describe your experience and the final product?

The experience was absolutely incredible! I had the best time ever and felt so comfortable – and considering I’m the most awkward human being on this planet to take pictures of – you had your work cut out for you! I did have a vision in mind, but you went above and beyond that – you were super creative with the flow of the shoot and making sure we captured every single angle imaginable. It honestly was more than I dreamed of – and that probably sounds cliché. But consider me one happy camper! You definitely captured the essence of White Owl and what my brand means to me. 

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