Mommy & Me

Calgary Family Photographer

Spring Mommy & Me Photography Session in the Kananaskis

What mamas do to get to the best spot for their photos!

Alexia is such a luck girl to have mommy carry her like this. She got to go on a really fun adventure!

Calgary family photographer, mommy and me photography session in a canyon in the Kananaskis mountains

I love mountain sessions and would spend every day there if I could. Well day and evening. Because when that sun starts to go down and turns golden and soft as it sets over the mountain peaks, well I can’t get enough of that!

I keep exploring our beautiful Rockies, and discovering new and unique places to bring you. This area in the Kananaskis had me gushing over its beauty the whole time we were there. It is a year round destination, but it offers something extra special during the winter months. How amazing is it that we can walk into a frozen canyon and be surrounded by rock faces? And I think that March was the absolute best time to go because with the snow melting, we got all of the beauty of the rocks in the creek bed and the gentle moss on the ground. The mountains will never cease to amaze me.

I don’t know if it’s the soft golden light or the striking connection that this mother and daughter have, but these images just radiate with so much love and warmth. Thank you ladies for hanging out in the mountains with me on that gorgeous spring evening!

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