I like to let the babies dictate how they want their session to go. If they are super sleepy and ready for their studio style images when I get to their home, great. But if they are awake and want snuggles, we do just that. I let them hang out with mom, dad and their siblings, let them drink lots of milk, be rocked to sleep, get plenty of cuddles. Because it makes them happy, comforted, and honestly it just makes for the most beautiful, natural family portraits. I even stop clicking away at times and give the family time to reset and relax, and when I swoop back in a few minutes later is usually when I get the best shots, completely unscripted.

Celeste is so precious and she was so good the whole time I was there. I photographed her big brother Rory when he was brand new as well and I will never get tired of his big beautiful blue eyes, but mostly I can’t believe how big he is now. So chatty and he had so many hugs for me! And he was also full of hugs (and kisses) for his little sister, such a great big brother. I have a soft spot for the blond haired blue eyed and dark haired dark eyed siblings because that was my brother and I growing up!

Congratulations Stone family, Celeste is perfect and so sweet.

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