I talk about repeat clients a lot and this is a perfect example of a beautiful family that I have seen growing over the years. I photographed brand new Aveline a couple of years ago, then we got to catch up for a one year old milestone session and this year baby sister Sylvie was born! I find the classic older sibling “I really want to hold her now” followed by “I’m done!” a couple of minutes later so funny and full of honesty. This new baby is taking up mommy and daddy’s attention and they have to get used to the idea of sharing their parents but they also know that they just met their new best friend. We had included Mallory’s collectible edition bike in Aveline’s photos so this time around we got a few shots with Dylan’s. Growing family, growing collection of bicycles! I liked that we got pictures of everyone together, but once big sister went down for a nap, Sylvie was able to get all of the focus on her – mommy and daddy’s and my camera’s!

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