Emily and Chadd Engaged

Emily and Chadd wanted fall engagement photos, and the timing could not have been better. As a photographer, you dream of unique light and epic sunsets, but you don't always get them. This was by far the most colourful sky that I have ever experienced during a photo session.

Alex and Bradley Engaged

Calgary wedding and engagement photographer, couple in the mountains for adventure engement photos in Kananaskis Country

"We love the mountains! If we could spend every weekend out there, we definitely would. I think the thing we love the most is how small you feel when you're standing at the base of a mountain, looking up at the rock you're going to go stand on top of. The feeling of peaking a mountain is one of the best feelings in the world"...

Ingrid and Curtis Engaged

We met up at Alforno and I told them to just walk in and order up, just like they did on their first date. There was just one big difference; they now know each other really well and the connection that they've had from day one has now grown into love and partnership...

Karina and Christian

Calgary wedding photographer, engagement session on the beach, couple at sunset at Little Bow Provincial Park

There was something really unique and amazing about this sandy beach. And the hills overlooking everything. And the orange ball of fire in the sky. And the lemon shirt. And the flowy dresses. I'm gonna stop now, but safe to say that I loved everything about this session...