Jenna and Zac Engaged

Calgary Wedding and Engagement Photographer

Calgary wedding photographer, engagement photos in a beautiful mountain location, couple in front of a creek

Meant to Be

Jenna and Zac met while working together when they were young and found each other again after spending many years apart. They had originally planned a 2020 wedding, but decided to postpone as many others did that year. They opted not to re-book their original venue and their wedding planning journey started all over again. They rolled with the changes, accounted for the unexpected and planned for backup options! This has been an incredible journey for them, but they now have a set date this August and I am so excited to be a part or the celebration of their love.

Even their Engagement Session Needed a Backup Plan!

I had originally suggested a different location for their engagement photos, but the area was temporarily shut down due to bear activity, so we had to adjust our plans the week of! But in the end, we were able to check out two absolutely stunning areas in the mountains and I am so glad that we ended up there. It was absolutely perfect. Just like their wedding day will be. Congratulations on your engagement Jenna and Zac!

A Romantic Moss Garden

Majestic Mountains

Valerie Richer | Calgary Wedding and Engagement Photographer

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