Liam Turns One

Calgary Family Photographer

Family Photography Session at the Calgary Central Library

With libraries finally reopening in Calgary, I thought that this would be a good time to post this super endearing family session. Liam had so much fun exploring at the Central Library! The kids corner is perfectly designed, with all of its vibrant colours and fun cushions and benches, for a one year old to play around, read books and practice standing and walking. But the rest of the library also gave him lots to do. From stunning wooden stands to geometrical window frames and vintage newspaper filing cabinets, there was no shortage of fun places to explore. And he was such a little cheeky monkey when he started playing peekaboo!

With COVID-19 restrictions in place, most family photo sessions I have done in the past year have been outdoors. But by respecting health guidelines, we could still make this indoor shoot happen. I was so excited to go there because the Calgary Central Library is an architectural masterpiece and offers phenomenal viewpoints over downtown. It was on the New York Times’ “52 Places to Travel” list in 2019. And since I like fun facts, here are a few more!

Fun Facts About the Calgary Central Library

  • It is the largest project realized by the CMLC (Calgary Municipal Land Corporation)
  • It has received the LEED certification (Leadership in Energy and Environment Design), which is the most widely used green building rating system in the world (learn more here: IG @calgarylibrary)
  • Almost half a million people visited the Central Library in the first 100 days after it opened on November 1, 2018 (source: CMLC website)
  • Storm water is stored to water the plants surrounding the building
  • It has received several awards and mentions such as Azure Magazine’s Best Canadian Architecture of the Decade. Here’s the full list

So here’s a sample of all the fun, the bright colours and the gorgeous woodwork and craftsmanship… but mostly the fun!

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