Nguyen Family

The little shoe that kept falling off.

Isabelle just turned one and she was so full of joy. A little ray of sunshine. And so, so loved by her big brothers. They were such good sports. When I was taking pictures of the three of them together, Isabelle kept playing with her little shoe and it fell off over and over. They kept fixing it for her and had lots of giggles in the process.

Family photography isn’t all about the children.

It is completely normal for parents to want their children to be the shining stars. But a lot of what I do is about empowering women, wanting them to leave their session feeling beautiful and confident. Mommies too get to be a shining star – and daddies of course, but this was a mommy and me (and me, and me) session! I love all of the photos of Liz and baby Isabelle – we might have told the boys that they were off the hook and that they could go play after a while, I think that they had had enough! Liz was stunning and so natural in front of the camera, not to mention how beautiful she is inside. She is so joyful, kind and has the most positive attitude. If you ever need flowers, make sure to get in touch with her at Serenity Florals. She is simply wonderful.

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