Paulina and Christian just welcomed baby Camila into this world. Paulina’s aunt got in touch with me wanting to gift them a photo session which I thought was such a thoughtful idea. She also graciously offered her stunning home to take the photos. That light! Every room was so brightly lit and beautifully decorated. But the best part about this session was how welcoming and kind this whole family was to me.

You will notice at the end of the post that I included a few shots of mommy holding Camila’s tiny toes as she was making sure that she was going to stay in that sweet little snugly pose with her toes all tucked in. This family had a few props on hand so we found a bed with a white comforter in a brightly lit room, and I guided them step by step as they set up their baby daughter and it worked out perfectly. It makes me so happy to finally apply what I have been talking about – yes, it is possible to make it all work even with the physical distancing restrictions!

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