Parks/Chu/Forsyth Family

This family was absolutely amazing to work with. They were so keen to try all of my suggestions, were so organized, had an great eye for detail and made sure everyone looked their best and nothing was out of place in the background, they made my job so easy! Linda and Trent’s twin daughters now both live abroad. Dayna and her family were visiting from Australia and Melissa and her family from the States. They were all under one roof over the holidays so they wanted their pictures done in that home, mom and dad, grandma and grandpa’s home.

I like treating an extended family session like a bunch of minis. I want to make sure that I spend time with everyone and that they each get their turn with me. It’s easy to get caught up in wanting to get a bunch of different groupings of people – which I of course make sure to capture – but I want each family unit to get the same type of gallery they would have received if they had booked me individually.

Oh and – Indoor – Snowball – Fight. Enough said.

One Reply to “Parks/Chu/Forsyth Family”

  1. You were so awesome to work with Val! You made everyone feel comfortable, I loved your attention to detail, how much time you spent with everyone, your creative ideas and of course the finished product: gorgeous family photos…priceless! Thank you so much!


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