The journey that brought this family of three together is such a heartwarming story. Holly and Jarrod are amazing, welcoming and giving people and had to wait a long time to finally meet this little guy. They were on an adoption list and had opted in for the immediate placement option. They were starting to prepare their home for a baby without even knowing when or if they would bring one home. And two months ago, they got the phone call. A beautiful, healthy, perfect baby boy was in need of a loving family.

Picture a room. Painted. Furniture still in a box. Nothing else. Welcoming a baby is a huge challenge and adjustment. But when you not only have to get used to a new schedule, new needs, sleepless nights and getting to know this tiny person, but you have to get everything ready to take care of him at the same time, that is a colossal task. Which those two handled with so much grace, care and patience.

Fast forward two months, they already know their baby so well, the things he likes, the things that soothe him. They have settled into a routine and I thought that it actually made it the perfect time to document these first moments at home, although delayed from when I usually photograph newborns. And believe it or not, the nursery is finished and absolutely stunning! It was so nice to finally meet you Liam.

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