Lozada Family

This family is so adventurous, choosing to spend their free time snowboarding, mountain biking, and attending all sorts of events. These boys are amazing and so lucky they get to experience so much. The Lozada’s are not just a family, they are also a team. This session was just a mini but I still wanted to share it because from the first frame all the way to the last, they were able to have fun and be themselves. The first thing I tell my clients when we meet up for a session is “pretend I am not there, just enjoy each other’s company. I will give you pointers if I need you to move towards nicer light or if I see a better angle and if I want you to look at me, I will tell you.” I think that by saying that, I end up getting authentic images and families walk away with pictures that truly represent who they are.

The boys ended up busting some cool moves and I just rolled with it! And playing in the leaves at the end was also so much fun, I’m glad we just let kids be kids.

Location – Bowness Park

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